Re-Bridge the Gap!

We think this is the perfect time to re-bridge the gap between the Old Town and Leith Walk. Not only would this be an important link from the Old Town to the new St James development and Leith Walk, it would reinstate a historic link that was used for hundreds of years. Currently there are no convenient routes from the top of the Canongate across the Waverley valley. Scroll down for more information…

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1914 Ordnance Survey map showing the footbridge connecting Jeffrey Street to Calton Road. Only the section in the roof of Waverley remains (see the photo at the top of the page).

When Waverley Station was redeveloped in the 1890s, a historic route from the Old Town to Leith Walk would have been cut off; it had been in use for hundreds of years. That is why the Act of Parliament which authorised the redevelopment required the railway company to build a footbridge over the station, from Jeffrey Street to Calton road – to maintain the route. However, in the 1950s, British Rail ‘temporarily’ closed the footbridge and it is in a sorry state today. Network Rail now proposes to remove further pieces of the footbridge as part of their plans to re-roof Waverley Station.

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