Re-bridge the Gap: Take Action

ACT: Take 2 minutes to help restore this vital link!

You can help to restore this vital link by writing to the Council’s head of Transport, Infrastructure and Environment, Cllr Gordon Mackenzie and copying Council Leader Jenny Dawe. It is always best if you write in your own words, but if you don’t have time for that, there is sample text below which you can paste into an email, or download to print as a letter. It is much better to write using the sample text below than to do nothing!

When you are writing to support re-instating the footbridge, remember these key points:

  1. State that with the restoration of the Waverley roof, now is the ideal time to restore the footbridge connecting Jeffrey Street to Calton Road

  2. Note that re-instating the footbridge would provide an important pedestrian route between the Old Town and Leith Walk, which would help to deliver on the City of Edinburgh Council’s aim to improve pedestrian routes in the city and create a world-class walking environment

  3. It will cost less, and cause less disruption, to re-instate the footbridge at the same time that the roof of Waverley is being worked on than to do it at a later date, especially as Network Rail is currently planning to seal off both ends of the remaining footbridge section in Waverley Station’s roof

  4. Request that the Council work with Network Rail to include full re-instatement of the footbridge between Jeffrey Street and Calton Road in their refurbishment of Waverley station

Who to write to:

Please send your email to the following people:

  1. Convener & Vice-Convener of the Council Transport, Infrastructure and Environment Committee

  2. Convener: Gordon Mackenzie <>

  3. Vice-Convener: Robert Aldridge <>

  4. The Council Leader

  5. Jenny Dawe: <>

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Sample email text (select to copy and paste into your email):

  1. To: <>

  2. cc: <>, <>

  3. Subject: Re-instate important pedestrian link

  4. Re. Historic pedestrian route between the Old Town and Leith Walk

  5. Dear Cllr Mackenie

  6. With the restoration of Waverley Station’s roof, now is the ideal time to re-instate the full footbridge connecting Jeffrey Street and Calton Road:

  7. - Re-instating the footbridge would provide an important pedestrian route between the Old Town and Leith Walk, one that had existed for many hundreds of years before the 1950s.

  8. - Improving pedestrian routes in the city is a key aim of the City of Edinburgh Council, and this is a valuable opportunity to deliver on that and make Edinburgh a world-class city for walking.

  9. - The footbridge was only ‘temporarily’ closed in the 1950s by British Rail.

  10. The footbridge does not need to follow the precise path of the previous footbridge, but should link to roughly the same points on Jeffrey Street and Calton Road. I encourage you to work with Network Rail to reach a solution that will see this important and historic route re-instated when the restoration of Waverley Station takes place. Doing it at the same time would minimise costs and hassle, especially as Network Rail currently plans to seal off the remaining footbridge section in Waverley Station’s roof.

  11. I look forward to hearing from you.

  12. Yours sincerely,

Sample letter for printing:

  1. Click the link below to download the above text as a sample letter in RTF (Word-compatible) format. All you have to do is fill in your name and address, and the address of your councillor and print it off.

  2. Footbridge removal objection letter.rtf

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